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Common Procedures

Phacoemulsification (cataracts)


Glaucoma Procedures

  • Transscleralcyclocytophotocoagulation (TSCPC)

  • Ahmed Glaucoma Valve

  • Cyclocryothermia

  • Micropulse Laser Treatment

  • Cycloablation of the ciliary body

Cherry Eye


Eyelid Abnormalities

  • Entropion

  • Eyelid tumors

  • Ectropion

  • Medial/Lateral Canthoplasty


(freezing of eyelid masses or extra and/or misdirected lashes)



(burning of misdirected eyelashes)


Microscopic corneal surgery

  • Corneal Grafts (to repair deep ulcers, perforations, or sequestrums)

  • Corneal lacerations

  • Corneal foreign bodies

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